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Why won't my eyebrows grow?

This is a loaded question.  Our best advice to allow eyebrows to grow is to allow time for nature to do it's work.  Often times, not tweezing in between appointments and not getting eyebrows done as often will do the trick.  Other options to help eyebrows grow include, castor oil to help to stimulate brow growth and taking vitamins such as Biotin.


What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the pubic region front to back and between the cheeks.


How long do I have to let my hair grow?

Our best advice for body hair removal is to let hair grow out as long as possible, especially in cases where a person has shaved the body part regularly and often.  In many cases, hair can be about 1/4 inch or 6mm long and still be removed cleanly and thoroughly. Please DO NOT trim hair prior to your visit, if necessary we will trim the hair properly during your visit. Normally during a client's service, trimming is not necessary.  


What kind of wax do you use? What is the difference between soft and hard wax?

The Wax Bar uses professional grade depilatory waxes only, formulated for the most sensitive skin.The removal of the wax is the major difference – soft (strip) wax is removed with a piece of cloth and hard wax is removed by flicking up an edge of the wax and pulling it off. Both waxes are soft, flexible and gentle on the skin. Although both types of waxes are effective on all areas, our experts know the best body parts to use each wax based on the hair type of the client and other factors.  For example, with Brazilian waxes, both soft and hard wax are used in our signature removal technique. 


Should I trim my hair prior to my appointment?

NO! In most cases this isn’t necessary. If trimming is necessary, your specialist will do so prior to your service.

Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

There is a level of discomfort during a Brazilian, especially if it’s your first time. The pain associated with waxing can be a little exaggerated and does scare clients into not wanting certain services. We do everything in our power to make your experience more comfortable.  Most of our clients will say they're first Brazilian with us wasn't as bad as they would've expected.


Will I have to be naked during my Bikini or Brazilian wax?

We take your modesty seriously and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. For such a service you will be bare from the waist down.  We allow you to undress in private, provide wipes for prior to your service and provide drape sheets to place over your lap.  We prep you just like your doctor's office would.


How long does a Brazilian wax take to complete?

Our goal is to complete your service in a timely manner normally 15-20 minutes or less. 


Should I shower right before my appointment?

It’s always nice to feel clean when you come in for an appointment but we offer fresh wipes with every Bikini and Brazilian wax so you don’t have to worry.


How often should I receive an eyebrow wax?

Each individual’s rate of growth is different. For brows, most client’s visit every 2-4 weeks. We are firm believers in giving your brows the chance to grow out between appointments. We recommend that you don’t tweeze your brows in between services , this helps your brows growth rate to be at the same pace.


How often should I receive a Bikini or Brazilian wax?

For Bikini and Brazilian waxing we recommend every 4 weeks. Again, this can be adjusted based on your individual growth rate.


I’m pregnant. Can I still get a Brazilian wax?

Although it's genrally safe to wax throughout your pregnancy, it's always best to consult your doctor before you book. We are proud to say many of our clients wax during the duration of their pregnancies without a problem.


Should I get waxed the day of a big event?

If it’s your first time waxing we recommend booking your wax 2 or 3 days before a big event, just to be on the safe side.


What if I get my period before my appointment?

This is pretty common.  We actually leave this up to the comfortability of the client.  In many cases, we can still wax you as long as you wear a tampon and the wax will be a safe and sanitary experience for both the client and professional.


When should I NOT wax?

You should never wax if you are on an acne medication such as Accutane, Differin, Retin-A or any other skin thinning or blood thinning medications. Waxing while on these medications can cause the skin to lift. Steer clear of waxing any area with varicose veins, sunburn, an STI or contagious skin infection. If you have undergone cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels you should wait at least six weeks before getting waxed.


What is the normal skin reaction to waxing?

It is normal for your skin to show redness after waxing. Some skin is more sensitive than others and reactions may range from no redness at all to very red. The first time you wax an area, or if it has been a while since your last waxing, you will probably experience some redness and sensitivity afterwards. This usually subsides within a few hours, or for very sensitive skin within 24 hours.

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